Dolly Singh: Age, Height, Education, Boyfriend, Family and more

dolly singh

Dolly Singh is a popular social media content creator and has earned millions of fans from India and across the subcontinent. Her sense of style and acting skills are exemplary. Also, her story in itself is an example of all aspirants in the field of media and entertainment.

Emerging as a rising star in the North India-influencers’ circle, she has amassed a huge following in India. She has collaborated with top-notch brands for brand endorsement, advertising, sponsorships, PR and more. She has even interviewed imminent celebrities from diverse fields of profession.

Personal Details of Dolly Singh

Profession Content Creator, Fashion Blogger, Actor
Height 157 cm (5’5ft)
Weight (in kg) 48kgs (Approx)
Year of Birth 1993
Age 27 years
Hometown Nainital, Uttarakhand
Nationality Indian
Blood Group B+ve

Name not known

dolly singh parents


Manu Chaturvedi (Lawyer)



Anmol Singh (Professional Photographer)


Best Friend

Komal Pandey

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Educational Qualification BA (Hons) in Political Science, MA in Fashion Management
Food Habits Non-Veg
College and University Kirori Mal College (DU) and NIFT, Delhi

Social Media Presence

Dolly Singh has a strong following on Instagram, seconded by Youtube and Facebook. Her social media presence is frequent, and she keeps her followers updated on her upcoming projects, fresh content, and is very vocal about current affairs.

She is almost always found on social media and has practically adapted cyber-bullying and harassment as a subject of ignorance.

Some Interesting Facts About Dolly Singh


  • She is very popular for her role “Raju ki Mummy,” a social media series initiated by an extremely popular, Delhi-based Infotainment Media venture.
  • She recently crossed 1 million followers on Instagram too. Her struggle in itself is a story, and she always expresses her journey to request all her followers to stay humble and strive as hard as they can.
  • She graduated from Kirori Mal College and then pursued her post-graduation in fashion designing. She always dreamt of becoming a stylist, but the journey was somehow cut short after starting her internship at iDiva.
  • Mrs. Kapoor, Bubbly, Zeenat are some of the characters that Dolly played during her reel life. Her brand collaboration are numerous and has propelled her net worth by a great extent.
  • Dolly has raised concerns about body-shaming being a damaging practice affecting the mental health of people. She claimed to have been a victim of the same in her childhood days. Racist comments, skin-shaming, and weight-shaming were a regular thing in Dolly’s yesteryears.

Career at iDiva

Before Dolly joined iDiva, the company was not a thriving one, and versatile employment was regular with every employee there. This meant that a writer would have to play the role of a producer as well as an actor. This, in itself, gave the opportunity for Dolly to feature in iDiva’s videos where she portrayed the role of Raju ki Mummy. The series was primarily focused on the typical behaviors of South Delhi Girls.

The series proved to be a huge hit, and Dolly, along with the likes of Kusha Kapila, rose to instant fame. iDiva amassed a considerable following and showcased multiple videos, and Dolly became an actor henceforth.

iDiva became a full-blown Infotainment Media venture, and investors flocked in from all sides, rocketing their demands and sharpening their growth. From brand shoots to TV Commercials, iDiva actors have been featured in almost everything. Even the print, electronic, and digital media is focusing on them as wildly followed social media influencers. Not only did Dolly attain millions of followers on social media, but her mindset of raising voice for social issues earned the respect of netizens too.

Her most significant break came after Facebook gave iDiva the contract to make appealing videos for an India-based audience. iDiva gave Dolly and the team responsibility for the production process, and ended up being a producer and actress in the series. There was no looking back for her from then on, and she landed independent contracts with FMCG agencies, similar infotainment channels for collaboration, and much more.

She was also secluded from friend circles in school as she did not belong from a high-society background. These issues left her deserted during her childhood days. However, her grit and merit helped her reach the pinnacles of success at such a young age. Her role in Raju ki Mummy is played under a similar mindset of a typical Delhi household. She has even collaborated with imminent Bollywood actors and actresses while playing this role. In various segments of iDiva’s shows, she interviews celebrities in her reel character and entertains the audience. Ayushmann Khurana, Kangana Ranaut, Pankaj Tripathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui are some celebs who have been featured in these shows hosted by Dolly.

Personal Life of Dolly Singh

Dolly is currently dating Manu Chaturvedi, a famous legal practitioner from Delhi. He is well known in the country’s legal circles, and there is a long story about how Dolly and Chaturvedi ended up dating. There have been no meaningful stories of their wedding yet, but their relationship is going strong.


She had a pretty rough childhood, as her family’s financial condition was not very stable. At times, she took caretaking duties of her brother while her parents were away at work. She strived to success from tough situations and is proud to tell her journey.

Her brother Anmol Singh is now a professional photographer, and her brother himself conducted her initial showreels or shoots. For the past few years, he has earned popularity in this field and has shot portfolios of renowned celebrities in the Bollywood industry.


Dolly has also given TED Talks on fashion sense, creativity, and her journey to iDiva. The talk went viral globally from the TED official youtube channel after it was uploaded and amassed millions of views. Her followers regard her in high spirit and she tries to motivate her audience during interviews, motivational shows, etc. In this world of digital media, Dolly is one of the best examples of the creation of an icon. In the past similar people have earned massive popularity but Dolly is one of a kind who has a story in herself.

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